African University Students’s Gender Differences in HIV/AIDS Knowledge


  • Tuntufye Selemani Mwamwenda


African university adolescents gender differences in HIV/AIDS knowledge investigated whether there are differences in female and male participants in their knowledge of HIV/AIDS. The sample of 366 respondents of males and females was selected from universities in Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. The quantitative method based on frequency, percentage, t-test and probability was used for data analysis. The results showed that for both the Kenyan and South African participants, there was parity in their knowledge of HIV/AIDS. As for the Tanzania sample, there were gender differences in their knowledge of HIV/AIDS; with male participants being more informed about HIV/AIDS than their female counterparts. In conclusion, it was argued that given the importance of knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS transmission, there is need to close the gender differences gap between male and female respondents in Tanzania.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n27p432


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