Enhancing the Teaching and Learning Interpretation of Box-and-Whiskers Plot Using ICT


  • Moeketsi SimonMosia


This study intend to enhance the teaching and learning interpretation of box-and-whisker plot using statistical R environment software. The researcher adopts statistical R software package to enhance the learners understating of box-and-whiskers plot. The researcher explores the beauty of exuberant graphical illustrations that are built in statistical R environment in enhancing the teaching and learning of box-and-whisker plots. The study adopts participatory action research (PAR) approach through the lens of bricolage. The participants are 43 grade 11 mathematics learners and three mathematics teachers and the school principal. The data was generated using free attitude interview after each lesson for learners and teachers to reflect on the lesson. The qualitative data was analysed using critical discourse analysis (CDA). The results of the study report that learners’ reflection on the lesson pointed out that, it felt like they were playing. Through the use of statistical R environment the learners where able conceptualise the difference between maximum, minimum and outlier and the interpretation of the box area. Furthermore, the study report that learners’ interpretation of box and whiskers improved.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n27p833


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