The European Union and Albania, The Relations between them


  • AferditaTepshi
  • ArjanQafa


The European Union (EU) is the most achievement of Europian states that after World War II,was approached forms of international cooperation to ending military conflicts between them. The union now represents an advanced form of cooperation between the countries with a high level organization attended and rules which are subject to most of the countries of the European continent. The paper deals some of the unique features of the EU as organizational and institutional solutions that it has adopted to coordinate and rewarding economic interests of its member states and to sort out the political tensions between them. An important part of this paper will take a hold Albania in relation to the European Union (EU), showing the importance of integration in the European Union, Albania and strategic aim of Albania as a country that seeks respect for the rule of law, guarantee independence of independent institutions, the consolidation of democracy, strengthening of a functioning market economy, guaranteeing respect for fundamental human rights and minorities that constitute the main values on which the European Union is founded

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3p358


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