Sociocultural Bases of State - Legal Development Coding


  • Aleksey Ovchinnikov
  • Aleksey Mamychev
  • Diana Mamycheva


The article exposes to a holistic consideration the socio-cultural foundations of the state - legal development, discusses traditions and innovations in the study of the latter, and is formulated and argued the author's theoretical and methodological reconstruction program of data bases. The authors prove that the sociocultural foundations legitimize specific historical functioning of public government institutions and their further transformation through the creation of special socio-political state of society - political metanarrative. It is shown that socio-cultural bases are always paired with a dominant socio-political and legal intellectual work of the society, its possibilities and limits, are a set of trends and vectors of public government transformation. In the context of the article a model of analysis of socio-cultural implications of state-legal development that has several levels are provided: a) archetypal (moral-cognitive intuition, archetypal codes, images, symbols, basic scripts and forms of political activity); b) "quasiisometries" of archetypal structures; c) empirical - everyday (usual) socio-political interaction and its emotional and psychological component; d) institutional (political institutions, institutional and regulatory activity and other public legal practice); e) doctrinal and ideological-conceptual; f) "quasiisometries" of institutionally-organized public-legal society, consisting of positive (socioculturaly approved) and negative (harmful, dangerous) political and legal phenomena and processes; g) the level of socio-political integrity.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s4p67


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