Modeling of Parameters of Clusters Economic Efficiency


  • Yulia Viktorovna Razvadovskaya
  • Inna Konstantinovna Shevchenko
  • Dmitry Bogdanov
  • Alexander Anatol’evich Koretsky


As one of effective forms of region competitiveness increase at the present stage of economy development the clusters act. Within the clusters policy in the Russian economy it is created and functioning 25 innovative and technological clusters. Till nowadays there is no researches directed on assessment of clusters functioning efficiency in economic space of the region. In this regard the main research objective is the analysis of parameters of clusters economic efficiency for further research of the given parameters influence on region economy. Hypothesis of research presents by situation that among the major factors influencing yje indicators of production in the cluster there will be the state and private investments, and indicators of innovative development and on research and development indicators the most influence exert on by expenses and qualification of workers. In article the conclusion that the measures for attraction of bigger volume of private investments are necessary for increasement of cluster functioning efficiency in the territory of the region is drawn. In process of development of productive forces, increase in scales of production and change of its structure in vector of so-so - and hi-tech production there is number of the large interbranch and interregional problems, which solution by traditional methods within the developed system of territorial and sectoral planning is impossible, or application of these methods does not allow providing an expected effect.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s4p173


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Razvadovskaya, Y. V., Shevchenko, I. K., Bogdanov, D., & Koretsky, A. A. (2015). Modeling of Parameters of Clusters Economic Efficiency. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(3 S4), 173. Retrieved from

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