Energy Efficiency Improvement Ways in Industrial Clusters of the Region


  • Alexander N. Melnik
  • Alena N. Dyrdonova


Performance results of Companies in territorial and industrial clusters of Russia in many ways determine the different level budgeting, including in particular regional ones, dramatically influencing the development of the social and cultural sectors of the region. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that their efficiency in performance is in the focused attention of regional administration authorities. A number of external and internal factors influence the operating efficiency of the companies in regional clusters. Recently, a particularly strong influence on the final results of their work has a constant rise in prices for energy resources, suppressing the growing competitiveness of the products in the world markets. The article analyzes the dynamics of changes in the main indicators characterizing the efficiency of energy use of the large industrial company, forming the core of the petrochemical cluster in one of the Russian regions. The factors with the greatest impact on improving production energy efficiency have been identified. The perspectives to reduce energy consumption in the conditions of electricity and power market liberalization have been reviewed. It is shown, that the adaptation of the companies’ activity in regional clusters to the changes in macroeconomic conditions of economic entities functioning, predetermine the necessity to address a whole range of fundamentally new methodological problems, methodic and organizational strategies to build their behavior in competitive electrical power market.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s5p141


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