Strength and Speed Comparison in Youth Soccer Players in One Year of Trainning


  • A. Kuriu
  • J. Jarani
  • M. Spahiu


Introduction. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the speed and strength during one year in youth soccer players in two time measurement. Methods. In this study participated 250 youth soccer players. The mean age of participant was 17.6 (?1.6) years. All youth members were engaged in formal training (3?4 sessions/week; 90-120 min/ sessions) and had competed for at least 3 years. The youth were assessed for speed (50 m) and strength for the lower limbs (standing broad jump) during one year in two time measurement (year 2013- T1 and year 2014- T2). Results. ANOVA test for comparison for T1 and T2 measurement show a significant improvement of the performance for running speed by 0.15 second (F= 46.1; P value = 0.00) and standing broad jump by 0.12 m (F= 37.2; P value = 0.00). Conclusion. In conclusion, the results show that the players improved significant the results for speed and strength for the lower limbs. This component play an important role in achieving better results in soccer games in youth.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4s1p354


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