Destructive Role of Radio in Society: Case Study of Pakistan (Malakand Region)


  • Musa Khan
  • Nilüfer Pembecioğlu


Media is an institution playing a key role in the construction or destruction of any society. Radio is an effective tool of Media that has a strong effect on the thoughts and behaviors of people and it plays an important role in the process of setting minds of people towards an issue both in positive or in negative way. In Malakand division of Pakistan where the literacy level is low, areas are vast and means of communication are insufficient, FM broadcasting is very effective, important and advance instrument due to the locality, closeness, quickness, easy access, easy operating, cheap, and large scale reach. In this research paper it has been investigated that radio has many effects on the behavior of people of this area. It has been also questioned and discussed that in the era of militancy FM radio played a negative role and misguided the innocent people of the area towards extremism and social instability. The FM broadcasting is used to change the mind and attitude of people towards extremism and insurgency. This study aims to find out the content of these FM stations and impacts on audience in the cited area. It is examined how the FM radios are used as a tool of war in the area by different groups and how these strongly affected the mind of innocent people of the area. Public perception indicates that FM stations delivered hatred information instead peace and development.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4s2p678


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