Semiotic and Cognitive Aspects of Professional Discourse Study


  • Elena Aznacheeva
  • Yuliia Mamonova


The authors focus on some cognitive and semiotic aspects of professional discourse study. Different approaches towards the definition of professional discourse are highlighted. From the cognitive perspective professional world view is analyzed. It is said that terminology constitutes the core of professional world view; some means of categorization and conceptualization in various types of professional discourse are presented. The role of conceptual metaphor and metonymy as means of world categorization and conceptualization in professional communication is revealed. Describing the structure of professional consciousness the authors suggest an ethnocultural component. The background of semiotic research of professional discourse is analyzed on the level of metalanguage and professional speech communication. The sign character of professional discourse on the metalanguage level is represented by the language for specific purposes. The systematic character of professional speech communication is witnessed in the organization of speech genres, functioning of intertextual incorporations and precedent texts, communicative situations typical for the professional activity, etc. Some perspectives of cognitive and semiotic approach towards professional discourse study are suggested.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p30


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