Connotative Component of Lexico-semantic Units in Oral Business Communication


  • Natalya Bozhenkova
  • Nina Romanova
  • Irina Amelina
  • Darya Atanova
  • Anastasia Parshina


Recently the expressions containing a connotative component more and more actively penetrate oral business speech, the base of which is formed by neutral lexicon, and alter greatly not only the shape and the style features of the official speech but also the organization laws of a business communication act. In this regard the need to find a new description for the ways of representing lexemes connotation determined by the importance and dynamism of the considered social area of interaction – business communication – becomes obvious. The use of the lexicon possessing connotative meaning in oral business communication is not only relevant, but in some cases may also be very appropriate in order to ensure effective impact on the interlocutor and achievement of the desirable goal. The theoretical data gain special relevance in the lingvodidactic aspect as teaching Russian as a foreign language for business communication to foreign speakers with consideration of the lexicon possessing connotative meaning and therefore national and cultural specifics will contribute to building sociocultural competence in the conditions of general development of professional and communicative skills.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p96


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Bozhenkova, N., Romanova, N., Amelina, I., Atanova, D., & Parshina, A. (2015). Connotative Component of Lexico-semantic Units in Oral Business Communication. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(6 S5), 96. Retrieved from