Some Aspects of Countering the Extremist Ideology in the Russian Regions


  • Diana Pirbudagova
  • Zaira Musalova


In the paper, the authors attempt to consider some economic and legal aspects of preventing and countering extremism in the Russian Federation. Approaches to understanding of extremism, its forms as a whole, causes of its spread and methods to be used to counter the spread of extremist views have been investigated. Influence of social and economic factors on the extremist ideology spread in Russia has been studied. Some problems of the extremist ideology spread in Russia have been considered from various viewpoints. By analyzing the existing approaches to solving the issues under consideration as well as the results of a survey carried out among the population of the Republic of Dagestan, as one of the most unstable in this context, constituent entities in the North Caucasus, the authors have made a number of conclusions regarding the causes, conditions, factors of the extremist views spread and efficiency of countering methods. The paper focuses on the regional aspect of extremism countering organization in the territory of the Russian Federation; moreover, the possibility to involve public institutions in this process on the basis of positive experience gained by some Russian constituent entities is investigated. In particular, the analysis subjects were adaptation commissions which had been created in some entities of the North Caucasus.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p122


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