Further Vocational Education as Projected in Innovation Development of Adult Education


  • Galina Ignatieva
  • Oksana Tulupova


The paper suggests a way of solving the key problem of further vocational education which is registered in the controversy between the production understanding of vocational education and the active nature of human life as such in the anthropological view. The targets of the research conducted in the logic of concept genesis of the idea to build an anthropological concept of further vocational education of pedagogues are related to constructing a conceptual model, developing the content of this concept and forms for its implementation as a cultural and educational structure of a new type. As research methods, the following tools of institutional approach in education are employed: the analysis of condition of personnel potential, construction of new forms, methods and content of training the managerial and pedagogical staff in the systems of "education – science – practice" cooperation; the development and use of educational, managerial, social and economic, information and other humanitarian technologies as mechanisms for further vocational education to function and develop; the method of layered modeling of the new educational institution. The characteristics to the layered differentiated model of the further vocational education complex as a cultural and educational institution for raising a new type professional, the "Project and network institute of innovation education" is given. The paper outlines the technology of "corporate educational co-working center" as a generic technological framework for implementing the layered model. This is an event-based educational technology of rearing the new professionals which integrates the "blended learning" technique and the "action learning" one. The conceptual model of further vocational education for pedagogues suggested by us is in line with the world conceptual trends of development of adult education. The nearest prospect of the research is seen in building the new conceptual structures of developing the further vocational education and in passing to activity-based forms of transforming this educational reality.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p178


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