The Identity and Socio-cultural Processes in the Migrant Communities of Tatarstan


  • Tatiana Titova
  • Elena Frolova
  • Guzel Stolyarova


The relevance of the problem under research is explained by the necessity of studying the problems connected with the adaptation of labor migrants in the host society, which is of social, economic, political and cultural significance for the modern Russian society in general, and the Republic of Tatarstan in particular. The necessity of studying the adaptation strategies of migrants in the host society, as well as socio-cultural processes inside migrant communities is growing. The purpose of the research is to analyze the structure of identity and socio-cultural processes in the environment of migrant communities in the Republic of Tatarstan. The analyzed materials were prepared using the methods of mass poll, as well as biographical and semi-structured interview. As a result of the systematization of the data the structure of the social identity of migrants was analyzed. The linguocultural competence in relation to Russian and Tatar languages was examined, the most updated ethno-consolidated signs were revealed. Special attention was paid to the analysis of religion as an important component of ethnic integration. There was made a conclusion that the socio-cultural orientations of migrants made an impact on the character of their social contacts and successful adaptation in the host society.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p269


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