Crisis Phenomena in the Republic of Croatia – as a Social, Economic and Political Process


  • Goran Kutnjak
  • Dejan Miljenović
  • Žarko Stilin


Since 2008 national economies of certain countries around the world successfully confronted the global economic crisis and its consequences. They managed to do this in a greater or lesser extent or with greater or lesser effects. Stable and stronger national economies, although seriously shaken by the crisis, overcame it relatively easy due to functional social, economic and politically shaped strategies. However, Croatia, as a country whose development unwind during a long period of time, in extremely transitional environment, approached to this crisis insufficiently engaged, with no strategic focus, politically and legally inconsistent – practically irresponsible. All this led to inconsistent and discouraging relationships with potential partners and their investment derogations leaving room for a pretty pale perception of Croatian investment and business environment. Strategies for crisis management in Croatia are mostly based on theory principles, often politically inconsistent and unenforceable, even legally questionable. This has also led to discouraging investor’s climate that weakened the status of Croatian business subjects within the competitive EU and even global market. In this paper authors are focusing on crisis ˝derivatives˝ within Croatian scientific and economically practical environment, to zoom in on Croatian economy in the global crisis context and to imply effects of the crisis through relevant indicators. Based on this, the aim is to define certain suggestions, recommendations and conclusions regarding stability and strengthening Croatian economy in the broader EU and global competition context. Above all, the phenomenon of the crisis in the Republic of Croatia, as a ˝controversial˝ social, economic, and even political process is a basis of entrepreneurial and moral ˝attributes˝ defined within this paper.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p383


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