Inclusivity to Escalate Diversity: A Case Study of a Pharmaceutical Company in Indonesia


  • Galih Sakitri


This research was departed from the concernment of diversity concept and motivated by a dearth of research on inclusive workplace in Indonesia. The fact revealed in prior research has shown that Inclusive practice can help organization overall effectiveness and impact since it would allow people with multiple backgrounds, mindsets, and ways of thinking to work effectively together and encouraged to make a unique contribution. Hence, the urgency of being inclusive organization is strongly inevitable. The intention of the research was to explore and depict how a company embed culture of inclusion and what themes are importantly founded to build this culture. Qualitative method was applied in order to comprehensively answer the research questions. Furthermore, in depth- interview was conducted with HR Director who represented the organization to sharply reveal how inclusive culture is cultivated in the company. Ultimately, research finding has shown that the one who most responsible for instilling the culture of inclusion is leader. The cultivation of inclusion culture can be started through embedding the culture of open-minded and egalitarian and followed properly by the implementation of HR practices which are based on performances and competencies. Profound finding was depicted in a model and was clearly discussed in this research along with managerial implication.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n6s5p454


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