Flower and Chicken Painting from the Symbol's and Myth's Perspective


  • Fatemeh Shirsepehr
  • Ali Asqar Shirsepehr


Chicken and flower painting could be accounted as s school in Iranian typography, however determining its place and its analogy with the European paintings for the people acquainted to the Iranian culture would be under question. Especially finding the 4 thousand years old painting of Simorgh and Vispuish tree makes us think that main symbols of flower and chicken which is plant and bird, is taken from the Simorgh and Vispuish flower. For this purpose investigating bird's (Simorgh's) and plant (tree) myths was taken place. Interestingly Simorgh which in Avesta is called "Saen" has been compared with other mythical birds like Phoenix and eagle and its magical features and its irrefrangible relation with Vispubish tree which contains the seeds of all plants and its healing feature was investigated. From one side, Sohrevardi words which carries Iranian thoughts prove the relation between Iranian perfectionism and these two myths. There were major changes after the entrance of Islam in Iran, however these two myths survived, tree in the shape of plant and Phoenix in the shape of a small bird was painted beside it. If this design was European, it would not be so acceptable for the society and under the effect of fashion, it would disappear very soon. Social mindset of the past has effected its formation and survival.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n2s1p409


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