Some Aspects of Analysis of Gaits in Educational Vision


  • Gaetano Raiola
  • Domenico Tafuri
  • Mario Lipoma


This article defined, investigated, analyzed and elaborated an understanding of the movement observed. The acquisition and analysis of human movement offers employment opportunities in various sectors, such as animation, sports applications, educational and clinical rehabilitation. The analysis of human movement aims measurement and description of the biomechanical elements that characterize the performance of an act, in order to improve the whole process of teaching, learning and rehabilitative. Are mentioned some of the work on the perception of walking and computational methods to measure gait. And finally, it is suggested a methodology to investigate issues related to human movement, in which the bodily manifestations and attitudes play a role in diffusing information that can be useful for a recording of behaviors and ways of being authentic.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n2s1p416


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