Relations between the Islamic Republic Of Iran and the EU (1997-2005)


  • Parviz Salari
  • Amir Dabirimehr


EU is formed by powerful and high influence countries in different extents of policy, economy; military and etc. that show the status of EU in the word, while relations between Islamic Republic of Iran and EU has faced many ups and downs for a variety of reasons. Obviously, it seems necessary to establish relations between Iran and EU to meet the needs and interests of Iran as well as strengthening our position in the area of international relations. Different administration’s policies in developing relations with Europe brought about varied and specific consequences. In the meantime, the current paper examines the seventh cabinet of Islamic Republic because of its difference foreign policy and new way to approach west. The current paper applies analytical method to study developments in relations between Iran and EU under the seventh and eighth reformist administration of Seyed Mohammad Khatami to figure out could provide Iran with more interests than previous administrations or not? And also what are the probable risks for Iran through relations with EU. The author has examined ups and downs of relations between Iran and EU under administrations prior to Seyed Mohammad Khatami administration and in end studies the relations in the reform course and achievements and difficulties face by this policy and prevent potential risks and also always there is problems that make the obstacle in stable relations between Iran and EU.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n51p80


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