The Global Crisis and Its Legal Impact on the Growth of Albanian Economy


  • Ervin Bacaj
  • Evis Çelo
  • Alba Robert Dumi


We started as a crisis of high commodity prices, she quickly clarified the extent of the banking crisis and rapidly accelerated the financial crisis which culminated with the economic crisis, social and global, perhaps it was the heaviest one after the Second World - War. The consequences of this crisis was widely reflected in the deterioration of macroeconomic indicators of the budget, it appeared a significant decline in economic growth, a drop in revenues, an increase in unemployment and the fast increase of budget expenditures. The budget deficit and public debt grew at high rates, the cost and sources of financing of the economy became the most difficult and the most expensive. To stop the deterioration, the governments of many countries, regardless of their political spectrum supported the growth of aggregate demand, this process in many countries aggravated budget deficits. The primary task to overcome the crisis was a strategy that would ensure the sustainability of public finances in the countries affected by the crisis. The main difficulty faced was the global coordination such a global challenge. Researches can improve the profits of a company because of the potential capabilities of diversification with innovation performance or some have argued that the returns are increasing but this diversification has a very big risk. International expansion is very difficult to manage because there are a risk. Chief among them are economic and political risks because due to these risks by diversification of large firms are accustomed to the conditions of a market in competitive situations. The risk policy has to do with a government concentration creating much problem. The economic risk concerns exchange rates and market expansion line.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p184


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