Research Application Method of Analyzing New Economic Model Followed in Albania


  • MiftarRamosacaj
  • AlbaRobert Dumi


In my topic, I would like to present theoretical approaches and concrete direction of the new economic model that Albania should follow, based on the current situation that Albania experienced in global economy. In this paper, initially, I will present an overview of the Albanian economic transition and then I will suggest a heap of conclusions based on 20 years of history of success and failures. Primarily,concerning Europe means to have clear concepts, in order to build and to consolidate a system of economic and social-capitalistcomprehension. Have you ever thought to raise a question, and more we tried to make a qualitative analysis of policy which responses to specific questions or queries following correctly: what is the most appropriate model for Albania capitalism?Are we building a coherent and structured model or are we building a mosaic of elements of capitalism for Albania, whose portrait we do not know any more and that we didn`t ‘’projected” yet and no one else has done it in a long-term vision? The best response is a response expected of the type `as far as our final objective is the European Union, and then our model of capitalism will be European capitalist model, then the problem starts here. Capitalism has some basic principles and rules that form the core of it, but on the other hand each country is profiling capitalism according to the specifications of his choices. France has chosen the model of “capitalism of State”, Germany and the Nordic countries “social-democraticcapitalism”, ‘’liberal capitalism of England’’ as English-Saxon one, etc.In this regard the experts or politicians, should not reduce any debate, analysis or summary only of certain elements of the system of market, individual freedom, comparative advantages, social policy, which means the role and presence of the state in the economy, system of taxation, social security and the system of pensions, in order to build a port in its entirety capitalist model that we really need in Albania.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p210


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