Employment Policy and International Labour Standards


  • KesianaÇoçka
  • ArmelaMaxhelaku
  • IlirRusi


The purpose of this paper is to give some general considerations on employment policy and international labour standards. This paper examines the context and the obligations under Convention no. 122, specifically: to declare an employment policy and to identify objectives of policies that can be implemented. It is important to mention that, this Convention, is one of the most important conventions that has defined the detail procedures regarding drafting and implementation of employment policies. According to this Convention, it is mandatory the involvement of representatives persons involved, in drafting and operation processes of employment policies. In this regard, authorities should take appropriate measures to secure that employers rights are respected and take into account their experience, views and opinions concerning employment policies. In order to stimulate economic growth, each member state should implement an active policy, in order to provide work for any person who was willing and able to work and an economic situation in which all available labor resources are being used. Furthermore in this paper will be identified general and selective measures, which are defined in Employment Policy Recommendation, 1964 (No. 122). The paper is focused especially on analyzing different issues regarding active labour market policies and employment policies. An important part of this paper, is the analysis of the flexibility in the labour market background, definitions of flexicurity, also security and flexibility in labour markets.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p366


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