Establishing the Historiography of Islamic Sultanate in Nusantara


  • Ajid Thohir Department of History and Islamic Civilization, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia



Islamic historiography, Islamic sultanate, Islamic tradition, Nusantara’s Islam, historical methodology


This article is to show how to formulate historiography of Islamic sultanate in Nusantara and This article aims to explain and explore Islamic civilization from the time of the Islamic sultanate in Nusantara (Southeast Asia). This study uses historical research methods with four procedures that are followed, namely Heuristic, Source Criticism, Interpretation, Historiography and a qualitative approach. The awareness and courage to use local sources will attract new enthusiasm in writing Islam Nusantara. Western scepticism towards the original source will only limit the creativity of local Muslim historians to create works of national identity and ancestry. This does not end with criticizing local sources and scavenging them, but instead honours them using the humanities disciplines to understand past content and information in an honest academic endeavour. If comprehensive mapping and reconciliation with local sources can be carried out, then Islam in Nusantara will gain a status as prestigious as elsewhere. Can strengthen regional Islamic identity and will strengthen the nations of Southeast Asia because of the same historical roots. From an institutional perspective, this study can guarantee the availability of religious data and information, especially those related to the early arrival of Islam and its development. Although many works have been published on the history of Islamic civilization in the Nusantara, there has been no special attention to the historical development of Islamic civilization seen from the side of the Islamic sultanate in the Nusantara.


Received: 4 March 2021 / Accepted: 6 May 2021 / Published: 8 July 2021


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Thohir, A. . (2021). Establishing the Historiography of Islamic Sultanate in Nusantara. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(4), 81.



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