Language Attitudes of Jordanian Students Towards English Language


  • Ibrahim Fathi Huwari Department of English Language and Literature, College of Arts, Zarqa University, Jordan



Language attitude, Language experience, EFL, Jordanian students


This study discussed the language attitudes among EFL students in Jordan society. The present study aimed to investigate the level of language attitude and to discover the relationship between gender, language experience, and the place of learning the language with language attitude. The participants of this study were 300 tenth school students from a private school in Irbid governorate, Jordan. Data was collected through a questionnaire contained 55 statements which were adapted from (Gardener’s, 1985). The descriptive analysis used in this research to discover the level of language attitude. T-test and ANOVA were also used to achieve the second research objective. The results of the study revealed that the participants showed a medium level toward learning the language. Female students reported having a higher level of attitude towards learning the language more than male does. Students who learned English at pre-school have more positive attitude compared with others, students who start to learn the language at the age of 6 and below have more positive attitude that the second group. They can speak with more confident way than other groups. Finally, the findings of this study should be used as starting point for both English instructors and students.


Received: 4 March 2021 / Accepted: 6 May 2021 / Published: 8 July 2021


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Huwari, I. F. . (2021). Language Attitudes of Jordanian Students Towards English Language . Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(4), 237.



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