The Retrenchment or Continuous Global Engagement


  • Alketa Dumani Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Aleksandёr Moisiu University, Durrёs, Albania
  • Alida Tomja Lecturer, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Aleksandёr Moisiu University, Durrёs, Albania



U.S. leadership, Retrenchment, Engagement, International Stability


This article investigates America's global role by addressing three research questions and a central hypothesis. The research questions explore the impact of international partnerships on U.S. engagement, presidential strategies, and evolving public sentiment. The hypothesis suggests that U.S. retrenchment influences global governance and security dynamics. The literature review covers historical perspectives, presidential approaches, public opinion, scholarly debates, and global significance. Qualitative research methods involve data synthesis and comparative analysis. The article examines how recent presidents, like Obama, Trump, and Biden, approached global engagement. It notes shifts in American public opinion from skepticism to divided perspectives on domestic priorities versus global involvement.  Scholarly debates encompass retrenchment, realism, and the importance of U.S. global leadership. The study emphasizes the need for continued American leadership in maintaining global stability, promoting democracy, and addressing emerging challenges. In conclusion, this article provides a succinct examination of America's worldwide role, emphasizing its complex dynamics and the vital significance of continued U.S. leadership in the international sphere.


Received: 4 October 2023 / Accepted: 21 December 2023 / Published: 5 January 2024


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