About the Journal


The Journal of Educational and Social Research is a scholarly publication dedicated to advancing research in the field of education with a particular emphasis on the transformative power of social research. The primary objectives and focus of the journal are as follows:

1. Global Forum for Education Research: JESR serves as a global platform for researchers from around the world to engage in meaningful discussions and share their research findings. It encourages discourse on a wide range of educational and social issues, spanning local, national, global, international, and transnational concerns in the field of social studies education.

2. International Significance: The journal is committed to publishing high-quality research that holds international significance across various educational and social contexts. It aims to disseminate findings that contribute to a deeper understanding of critical issues with global relevance.

3. Evidence-Based Knowledge: JESR strives to provide a repository for evidence-based theories and insights, shedding light on the nature and extent of educational transformations in diverse settings. It seeks to support the dissemination of innovative research that can inform educational practices.

4. Broad Educational Spectrum: The journal's scope encompasses the entire spectrum of education, encompassing both formal and non-formal modes, from early childhood education to adult learning. It emphasizes the interplay between education and development within social and cultural contexts.

5. Transformation through Education: JESR places a particular emphasis on exploring how education is intertwined with social activities and how individuals and collective practices undergo transformation through educational experiences. It seeks to unravel the dynamic relationship between education and societal change.

6. Inclusivity: The Journal of Educational and Social Research welcomes contributions from researchers of all backgrounds and experiences. It imposes no restrictions based on age levels or social settings, fostering a diverse and inclusive scholarly community.

JESR is a prestigious publication committed to fostering a global dialogue among researchers in the field of education and social research. Its mission is to disseminate research that not only enhances our understanding of education but also contributes to positive societal change. Researchers from all backgrounds and demographics are encouraged to contribute their valuable insights to this inclusive platform.


Education, Social research, Educational research, Social studies, Transformative education, Curriculum development, Pedagogy, Educational change, Social context, Learning environments, Inclusive education, Educational technology, Teacher training, Student outcomes, Educational policies, Cultural diversity, Social justice, Community engagement, Lifelong learning, Educational assessment, Global perspectives, Educational psychology, Policy analysis, Teacher-student relationships, Educational equity.

Journal History

JESR has published the first issue in 2011. From 2017 to 2019, the journal was published under the stewardship of Sciendo-DeGruyter. Subsequently, in 2019, JESR was acquired by Richtmann, marking a significant transition in its publishing history.