Some Business in Dyrrachium During I-III Centuries AD


  • Arlind Kasa University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durres, Faculty of Business, Albania
  • Erald Shahini Abkons Company, Tirana, Albania



Business, Fullonica, Thermopolium, ceramic manufacture, glass manufacture


In this paper, we will analyze the data that are discovered in archaeological excavations in Dyrrachium, the modern city of Durres in Albania. The archaeological excavations that are made in the last fifty years have discovered interesting information about business in this city during the I-III centuries AD. The city of Dyrrachium was the most important city during the Roman Imperial Period in Albanian territory. It was inhabited by thousand citizens from I century AD to III century AD. In this study, we will analyze the results of excavations that are made in Durres where are discovered ruins of business building in I-III centuries AD. Naturally, it is impossible to identify all business that have existed in I-III centuries AD in Dyrrachium because the scarce archaeological and historical data. This paper will mention and analyze some of business that are found and study today. The majority of the business that are discovered were small of medium activity, only a few were big business.


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