Our Way Towards the Integration of Digital Technology


  • Nikollaq Pano Mediterranean University of Albania, Tirana, Albania
  • Ira Gjika Mediterranean University of Albania, Tirana, Albania




business digitization, integration of digital technology, e-commerce, internet use, SME-s


Information and communication technologies (ICT) are stirring the worldwide economic advancement for more than three decades. The new technologies and their implementation in manufacturing, services, as well as the public sector, have provided changes of the economic structure and – hopefully – increase of productivity. The factors driving the use of ICT come from the demand side, for products and services the companies and consumers require, as well as from the supply side, with solutions and models applicable to a rising number of users. The extent of using the information and communication technologies in Albanian environment is in the focus of this paper. The main objective is, firstly to highlight the assessment of digital technology integration in Albanian economy, particularly in businesses. Another objective is to analyze major reasons that brought changes during the last years. Further on, the chances for Albanian businesses to take advantage of the economic and social benefits from ICT should be considered. The research work has combined the “desk study” with on-site survey in order to evidence the achievements, shortcomings and opportunities for a higher level of integration of digital technology in Albanian organizations.


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Our Way Towards the Integration of Digital Technology. (2020). Journal of International Cooperation and Development, 3(1), 25. https://doi.org/10.36941/jicd-2020-0003