Historical Events in Korça Region after the Declaration of Independence until the end of World War I


  • Eduart Begolli


The paper reflects political, economic, social activities and aspects of Korça during the period of the study.This period is special and important in the history of the Korça region and the Albanian state. During this period were launched the institutions of public life, founded in the form of governance, which included a series of economic activities for Korça based on creating new contemporary legislation increasing the institutions’ role in relation to the previous tradition; building up a modern national educational institution in order to change the mentality of the people, basically oriented to the western countries’ policy. There are described the key moments of political, economic, social and cultural life of the Prefecture’ people of Korça.The main aim and objective of the study has to familiarize the reader with the Korça region people role in the political, social, economic, during 1912-1920 ‘s, and the efforts of this population for freedom and independence and national unity.The most outstanding personalities in the different fields of the life in Korça region in local and national level are recorded, showing their role in certain moments of these developments.The important place has taken the attempts of Greeks for annexation of Korça region using the different political, diplomatic and military means, but there were also the wishes of the population of Korça to be part of Albania. The ability of Korça citizens for self-governance is clearly expressed during WWI when the” Autonomous Republic of Korça “government was founded.


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