Applying Simulation for Oil and Gas Industry Case Albpetrol Company


  • Blerta Mjeda


The overall subject for this paper is to enlarge our understanding of simulation behavior while working in investment projects, taking as example the Albpetrol oil production company. An understanding of simulation behavior is essential, since human resources should be regarded as competitive strengths for organizations competing in an international market. The objective of this evaluation is to understand if this investment project has a good chance to be implemented, and to be undertaken as a project, or if the chances are lower. Taking into accountant the importance of oil and gas industry today we should offer the better conditions and better services in order to survive the competition and this is possible if we are doing a good research. For years the company has taken into consideration the possibility of drilling new wells, serving in the existing deposits where it is carrying out its activity. for this purpose, all the data on these deposits have been analyzed and studied, and it has already been concluded that Albpetrol could launch new wells in the fields such as Cakran-Mollaj, Amonice and Patos-Marinze.


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