Economic Model of Generation Z Behavior


  • Liliia Matraeva
  • Ekaterina Vasiutina
  • Alexey Belyak
  • Petr Solodukha
  • Nataliya Bondarchuk
  • Marina Efimova


The model of an entity that makes decision and acts in accordance with the established rules or contrary to them, participating in creation or changing of rules. All of that is a starting point for the analysis of economic processes and phenomena that are determined by the initiator of economic development - by a person. However, each generation brings its own features to economic behavior model and has its own characteristics. In this paper, the authors highlight the consequences of generation civilizational change within the framework of the digital society formation, determine the features of formation and development of the modern generation from the theoretical point of view of N. Howe and T. Strauss. Based on the data of large-scale sociological studies conducted in 2016 by Sberbank of Russia and the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center and MAGRAM Market Research with PBN Hill Knowlton Strategies international communications agency, the features of the digital culture influence on the social model of Generation Z behavior and the problems of its formation at the present stage are determined. An emphasis is placed on its specificity and uniqueness. 4 main features of economic model of Generation Z behavior that are developed in Russia are stated and the risks associated with these features are described.


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Matraeva, L. ., Vasiutina, E. ., Belyak, A. ., Solodukha, P. ., Bondarchuk, N. ., & Efimova, M. . (2019). Economic Model of Generation Z Behavior. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 8(3), 123. Retrieved from



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