Sharia Economics and Financial Inclusion Program in Indonesia


  • Yusup Hidayat


This study aims to discuss how Islamic economics through Islamic banking in Indonesia conducts an inclusive financial program through the policies of the Financial Services Authority in Indonesia named Laku Pandai. The method used in this study is qualitative research using normative juridical with the support of primary, secondary, tertiary legal materials and also existing primary data that supports the Laku Pandai policy for Islamic banks. Laku Pandai is a financial inclusion program initiated by the Financial Services Authority. The results of this study indicate that only a limited number of Islamic banks have completed the Laku Pandai program, while most of the others are still in the stage of preparing themselves and have not yet responded to the Laku Pandai program. Many problems issued by sharia banking in implementing the Laku Pandai program are related to infrastructure and resource issues of agents. Two banks of BRI and BTPN in Indonesia are two banks that have implemented the Laku Pandai program while BRI Syariah is ready to do this program.


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