The Phenomenon of Migration in the Light of the Systems Theory


  • Ludmila Gegel Russian State Technological University, Moscow, Russia
  • Giulia Frolova Astrakhan State University, Astrakhan, Russia


Modern society is a self-organizing system. When resources (population) start to decrease, the system opens for the influx of foreign elements, hoping to adapt them. Migration is an example of this process. However, new items are not always able to assimilate. Sometimes they are so different that they are not compatible with the host system. Such “aliens” either quietly parasitize on the body of a recipient, or organize their own micro-systems, sprawling like a cancer and destroy the algorithm of the host system. A resource-scarce system is able to survive only by choosing items which are more or less similar in nature and then the system redistributes, splits and disposes them in itself. New elements will fuel the system, but in a different way than relative elements. This will change the system, its borders will evolve (mutate) and change. So the migration processes lead to the transformation of language, culture and behavior. As a result, transnational communities are formed. The traditional concept of nation (country) ceases to exist. The role of boundaries is transformed and is reduced to a nominal marking of a territory. Border areas are the bright example of it now. Governments are trying to apply the policy of integration, granting citizenship for migrants, but it is not always successful. The "new" citizens do not share the dominant culture. In opposite, they actively broadcast their way of life in a new territory. Previously, there was an identity between citizenship and belonging to the nation, but nowadays the situation has changed. Cultural and ethnic unity ceases to be an essential characteristic of a nation. These processes are still in the early stages, but they are becoming a world trend. It also Influenced Russia. Forthe last 10 years in Russia "human resources" crisis has been progressing. In 2025 Russia, like many European countries, will feel all the features of the system resource crisis. Searching for ways to resolve it today – is a strategic task, a question of survival.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2013.v2n11p112


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