The Particularity of Prehistoric Culture in Vlora Region (Albania)


  • Aleks Trushaj
  • Ermal Sina


Vlora area is lying to the southwest of Albania, it also carries a wealth of archaeological sites of all periods and in particular it is characterized by specific archaeological site of prehistoric culture, the particularities of which are rare in our country, in Balkan and Europe. By the given observations, research, documentation and comparisons, we have been able to distinguish this area from the others in terms of specific elements of the locality contains prehistoric culture. In this region is proved that Paleolithic human activity in the early phase of this era which has been lacking in prehistoric archaeological central sites of our country. In the area of Vlora, there is the only evidence in the form of a megalithic stone table (Dolmen) in village of Vranisht. AtVelça village we have large complex natural karst caves used for housing by primitive man during the Neolithic era. In Lepenica village of Vlora, there is the largest rock painting in our country and more specific in terms of its composition compared less with other site in Europe in terms of prehistoric scope. This art shows us for the ancient beliefs, for life, for real-world perception of the creators of this imaginary rock painting.The region of Vlora has no cultural gap, it contains all the archaeological and historical periods.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n4p49


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