Comperative Overview of Alternative Measures in Different Places


  • Adrian Leka


Alternative measures are types of criminal sanctions which give a substitute measure of detention and prison. These are new measures that are being implemented in practice last thirty years, when radical changes were made in the penal system. These are new approaches that enable the execution of the sentence outside the prison premises. The main reasons why I treat alternative measures in our country are that they are new measures which have not been studied much earlier due to the time since here are relatively new measures that are envisaged in the Penal Code changes in 2004 so they need more time during the fundamental analysis and treatment of these measures.Also they are quite interesting and useful to society because they provide positive changes in the penal system, because their purpose is itself enough democratic which has to do with the isolation of a person not convicted of those offenses which are not very dangerous and harmful for the society. This work is divided into eight chapters, each of them deast with important issues. In this study I have dealt with the meaning of the alternative measures , general analysis of the characteristics , such as their types are provided within national and international acts and laws. A special look is made to the studying of alternative measures in Macedonia starting in that order such as the Penal Code provides , as are analyzed according to criminal law by various authors and the problem of their implementation in practice . What makes deeper this issue is the fact that they have researched to find differences and similarities between same types of alternative measures provided by different penal codes , analyzing in particular the countries of the region , Kosovo , Albania and other countries, also I am oriented in determining the types of alternative measures envisaged in our code , the types of alternative measures which have shown a positive effect , comparison of alternative measures imposing other penalties , analyzing alternative measures that are imposed mostly by the courts and the need for our Penal Code to provide or not new kinds of alternative measures that has not done so far , but other countries have , and which have shown a positive effect .

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n4p219


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