Social-Environmental Problematic in the Socio-Geographical Space of Lapraka


  • Brunilda Osmovi-Bibe
  • Robert Hykollari


The favorable physical-geographical and social-economic conditions have made Tirana very much attractive for the population of various territories in our country. Borough no: 11 is chosen for habitation by the incomers due to its appropriate regional position, the existence of free land surfaces and low rents. In Borough no: 11, there has been a growing population from year to year affected by the natural child birth and migratory movements. The increase of the population number in this borough has been associated with numerous economic and social problems. After 1990, there has been a construction boom, which gave the borough a view of a more typical suburban area in Tirana, by creating a suburban neighborhood that lacks urban plans. The construction boom was not associated with the infrastructure development. The normal conditions of habitation and infrastructure increase the life quality and as a result they facilitate the contribution of citizens on a sustainable development. The participation of the community in the daily activity, also their focus on the short and long term planning, is a necessity. Despite all the improvements that these last years have been evident, its further improvement is an imperative need for the residents of this borough. A special assistance in this direction is the education and qualification level of the individuals as simple citizens, members of the community, also as professionals.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p134


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