An Overview of the Administrative Court and of the Law of Its Establishment in the Republic of Albania


  • Arjan Qafa


Administrative Adjudication is the guarantee of effective protection of subjective rights and legitimate interests of the people through a fair trial and within quick and reasonable terms. The establishment of Administrative Court in Albania was a necessity with the sole purpose of creating a more peaceful climate for the progress of the reports between Public Administration and Private Entities. The need for judicial control of the Administrative activity derives from the principle of the the Rule of Law, the latter led by the principle that the subjective rights of citizens should be protected, not only against other people, but also against the Public Administration. This paper addresses the necessity of establishing the Administrative Court and its role in the Republic of Albania, refered to the law for its creation. The activity of the Administrative Court, Administrative Law principles and innovations of this law are analysed here. An important part of this paper is the necessity of creating the Administrative Court referred to the efforts of the EU countries to unify the adoption of a law on Administrative Law. The establishment of this court has also been one of the conditions for the Integration in the European Community. In the context of reforms in the field of Justice and the Legal Administrative Reform in Albania suggested by the European Union conditions have been set for obtaining the Status of an EU candidate country. One of these conditions was also the establishment of the Administrative Court, as the Administrative Justice plays an important role for the economic development of a country.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p177


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