Osce Mission in Kosovo, Stop or Continue


  • Shaip Osmani
  • Halim Bajraktari


What was the role of the OSCE in Kosovo in the past, as are addressed effectively and in the future in counseling and support for institutions and politics, especially in strengthening democracy, as vital to the prospects of Kosovo. Is OSCE also extremely necessary to play a role in cooperation with institutions in support political parties, as well as in other sovereign countries in the region that the OSCE is involved such as mission?. Where OSCE continues to have positive role still ongoing mandate in Kosovo to help many different projects as in higher education in public universities, cognitive and educational projects of universities, the judiciary, and not the acts of violence rule of law as weak points to be improved and necessary for Kosovo. Currently the mission is conducting a number of activities in Kosovo, many of which have helped EUPT (European Union Planning Team for Kosovo), for information regarding the EULEX Mission in planning and has been especially helpful for teams of Police and Justice as complementary to each other. Therefore OSCE occasionally is in a sensitive position to stop acting or continue walking in Kosovo?. But one thing should be noted that he still needs to continue to support, contribute to Kosovo's efforts to continue democratic principles, to build a transparent society and governance practices to adhere better to the members of the communities in Kosovo. Supervision required in future electoral processes, political, to advance reforms in local governance, judicial reform for all citizens in realizing the vision towards Europe, in cooperation with the EULEX mission will be a direct push and guarantor for the European future Kosovo and will need to be continued for a long time to build and order in Kosovo issues important to the finalization of the process towards the EU. The need and the presence of this mission will be a necessity within medium to improve many sectors with a European standard.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p201


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