European Crisis and the Effect on Albanian Economy


  • Güngör Turan
  • Arlind Bala


This article will analyze how did the financial and banking crisis of EU countries affected Albania in different aspects. The aim of the study is to give a comprehensive overview of the impact of the EU crisis in Albania considering different inter-related elements. The methodology used for measuring the impact will be based on macroeconomic indicators and all the available official data and statistics were sourced from central and local institutions in Albania and EU. Firstly will be given a brief history of the immigrations of Albanians in different European countries and analyzed their importance in Albanian economy whether via remittances or investments in some cases. Lastly to the most crucial point, after having done a regression analysis, we will get a more precise figure about the impact of EU in Albania (where mostly it is connected to countries like Italy and Greece)

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p230


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