Should Change the Main Objective of Bank of Albania


  • Alqi Naqellari
  • Elona Shahini
  • Vladimir Mici


The main objective of the Bank of Albania is "to achieve and maintain price stability". In this study we have undertaken to compare this objective with central bank targets of many other countries. We'll compare it with developed and in developing countries of the region and the Far East. By comparison will look at whether this target is appropriate to the degree of development of the Albanian economy? Actions to achieve the main objective or influenced the realization of this objective? Do you have positively influenced other macroeconomic indicators such as economic growth and the decline in the unemployment rate? These impacts will look at analyzing a series of monetary aggregates and economic indicators. In the end we will give our opinion. Although the main objective of the Bank of Albania must change and we offer an objective. We offer a lens that is the foundation of his claim "economic growth and declining unemployment rate through financial stability ".

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p273


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