The Paradoxes of Situations in the Work “Odin Mondvalsen”


  • Enida Godime (Lama)
  • Stela Lama


In the aspect of culture in general and in that of literature in particular, the oppression of dictatorial regime against the scholars was felt for almost half of the century. One of significant outstanding figures of Albanian literature after the Second World War is that of Kasem Trebeshina, who not only introduced several types, but at the same time created a new dimension of the Albanian literature. The work of “Odin Mondvalsen” was written in 1955-1956, published in Prishtina. It has been considered in different points of view, with the historical context of period of writing, the character in relationship with the society, but this research is considered viewed through the perception of paradox. A high numbers of paradoxes are created in this work; the paradox of linearity of the events, of legalizing, of the period of time, space and the paradoxes of situations (events) with the character have never been considered before. The research is related to the last one. This type of paradox is created by the clash/ impact of the main character with himself, with other characters, with the period of time and the surrounding. These clashes/ impacts have founded situations which at the first sight may seem comical but are virtually tragic. These events are filled out with the physical movements of the character, the expression of his thoughts, or more accurately with the nonexpression of his stative situations and by the manner of his interection with the other characters. It seems as if the reader is powerless to be directed but his sensation, reflections, the manners of speech that will lead him towards such paradoxal situations/ events.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p365


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