The Impact of Regional and Dialectal Lexion in Literary Norm


  • Gladiola Durmishi (Elezi)


Through this modest study we intend to present the large impact of regional and dialectal words in literary rate. This study aims to find the provincial dialect words and record their significance in enriching the vocabulary of the Albanian language; we study these words to see if they have or not been part of the literary rate, or if they continue or not to be used in today's spoken language. In the end, we aim to make a minidictionary, including this lexicon. In this dictionary will be included words accepted in the standard version, as well as those words that are left out. In the course of regional dialectal words included in the study, the most difficult problem has been the choice of words. Somentimes they are phonetic or grammatical dialectal variants and it looks like a new lexeme with a new meaning. Another problem would be determing whether they are part of the literary rate or not. This problem was raised in two main directions: a) in horizontal, synchronuous cutting, and b) in diachronic, vertical cutting. In synchronous cutting we study these key issues: 1) the fundamental principle of selection and provincial words that have become part of the literary rate. Here will be seen neologisms created by authors and Italian borrowings. It is about the period when a written dictionary in the Albanian language was not created and moreover standard language was not existing yet. 2) words which come from the popular spoken language and are not included in the "Dictionary of the Albanian Language". In diachronic cutting the main issue is: the lexicon included in the dictionary, if there is a change in the criteria for assessment of words or if meaning has changed, compared to FGJSH (Albanian Language Dictionary) or to previous dictionaries FGJSSH (Albanian Language Dictionary of Today) 1980 and FSS 2002. We have used a variety of methods in this study:the method of the analysis of theoretical sources: mainly used for setting the theme, collecting theoretical material, bibliography setting where a variety of books were used by different authors such as J. Thomaj "Lexicology of Albanian Language", Elsie R. History of Albanian literature etc. survey: the collection of dialect words through a questionnaire, which are the words that are not accepted in standard and still continue to be used in the language. the statistical methods for statistical tabulation of the words in the study with the aid of a computer program EXCEL 2007.For the outcomes we have used a broad range of literature that includes monographic studies as well as philological studies by different authors such as: Elsie R., E. Çabej, J.Thomai, Haxhillazi P., J.. Lloshi, B. Demas, R. Memushaj, K. Kapinovo etc. The collection of words is made in the works of N. Mjeda, Gj. Fishta, E. Koliqi, Migjeni.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p410


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