Managment of the Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Drita Krasniqi


Small and medium enterprises have a special importance for the economy of a country. The role and importance of small and medium enterprises (SME) can be seen from the economic and social aspect, because of their contribution to operation of economic system and the creation of new jobs. Therefore it is considered that these enterprises are the main generators of employment. The basic purpose of this paper is the diagnosis of the current situation of the micro small and medium enterprises. Another goal of this research is to lay out significant results for existing condition, structure, problems, difficulties, and to measure the trend of development of these enterprises. Classification of (SME) according to the number of employee, and classification according to the legal status. Another importance shows the structure of managing these (SME) by fiscal number. Special emphasis has also the structure of these enterprises according to the gender of employees, expressed as a percentage thus making a comparison of the participation of women in the labor market compared to men.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p439


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