School Bullying: The Need for Recognizing this Phenomenon in Albania


  • Ledia Kashahu (Xhelilaj) “Aleksandёr Moisiu” University, Durrës/ Faculty of Education, Pedagogy Department, Lecturer


The lack of teachers’ attention and communication and Albanian parents with children and the youth have created the proper ground that in schools to happen constantly serious acts of violence. Recently they have become very worrying because of their high frequency and have created uncertainties. According to this reality some studies are done which testify the high level of violence through bullying behaviour which are qualified by world literature as violent forms. This article aims at bringing a theoretical contribution on bullying phenomenon and to highlight the immediate necessity for scientific knowledge of this phenomenon in Albania. The author aims at clarifying from the theoretical view the characteristic that make behaviour to be qualified as a bullying one. Furthermore, through the description of the phenomenon based on the findings of world literature, it is made clear in what conditions the behaviour happens, which are included and their attitudes. In this commentary the readers through scientific arguments based on a series of studies, understand the immediate consequences that the inclusion of the children has in bullying acts as well as those long-term which accomplish the individual throughout his life as an adult. Furthermore, the author treats the importance that the attitudes of the teachers and of the parents have in the treatment of the phenomenon. In the end the author identifies some measures that must be taken from the school as well as from the family to treat the phenomenon successfully. In her conclusions the author emphasizes that for the changing of the situation the work firstly have to be started with the awareness campaigns for the children and parents. The same of importance she values the support in the constant education of the staff pedagogy, who necessarily have to be included in the modules of training which train not only the phenomenon theoretically to understand its importance but even that helps with concrete strategies in the confront with it. Moreover the author values that it is necessary the interference in the curricula starting from the curricula of the 9th grade school pupils and then continuing with the interference of the curricula in the faculties of education which prepare the future teachers.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p542


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