Function Words of Andio Language Viewed from Syntactical Aspect


  • Baso Andi-Pallawa Tadulako University, Indonesia - 2006


This research describes the function words of Andio Language in terms of the function word types. For examples: (1) noun determiners, (2) qualifiers, (3) prepositions, (4) coordinators, (5) interrogators, (6) subordinating conjunction, (7) sentence linkers, (8) modal auxiliaries, (9) interjection, (10) aspect words, and (11) particles and (12) relative pronouns. The significance of this study is expected to produce the descriptive data of those types of function words, to furnish information for those who are interested in carrying out another study concerning with Andio language, to help the teaching of local content course, such as function words themselves of Andio language and to contribute to the Department of National Education, particularly in Central Sulawesi for the consideration as development of the local content course curriculum. The design of this study is descriptive qualitative. It is based on the process of investigation involving description and interpretation that can be assigned without manipulating any variables. The subjects of this study are the native speakers of Andio language at Lamala district, Luwuk Banggai regency in Central Celebes (Sulawesi).

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2013.v2n2p175


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