Freedom of Religion and Social Conflict


  • Evalda Jera


Today, more and more human rights and fundamental freedoms constitute the essence of human existence and peace through the world. Fundamental human rights are based in each religious tolerance, but unfortunately we must also considerate some evident developments in the practice of human rights that do not support the same idea, tolerance. The expression of religious belief in some situations degrades towards terrorism as an extreme expression of religious faith. So a social conflict comes as the result of wrong prosecution of religious ideologies. Therefore it is very important that religious freedom to demand the implementation should be done through peaceful means respecting the laws, ethical norms and norms of religious tolerance, not with extreme expressions of religious faith causing chaos in the modern world. Faith can affect the individual, group, society or even the nation itself, playing an essential role within society or peripheral depending on this scale. So fundamental human rights specifically are very important and form the basis for the consolidation of the rule of law.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2014.v3n3p553


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