Messina Earthquake, 1908


  • Roberto Sciarrone Università di Roma La Sapienza


There are many stories, testimonials, articles and books about what was considered one of the greatest disasters in human history. An entire city, rich in history and traditions, was erased forever by the destructive fury of nature. In 37 seconds more than two thousand years of culture and pride disappeared together with the awareness of being a dynamic, historically ancient and rich diverse cultural influences over the centuries embellished Sicily. The social capital of the city crumbled because of the large number of deaths, an entire modus operandi vanished beneath the rubble of the baroque buildings, swept away by waves and finished apocalyptic fires that came copiousone after another. Messina, for many, died that day, but during the days following the great disaster its dynamic and eclectic spirit, which resulted from a story marked by multiculturalism, provided a test of absolute decisiveness.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2013.v2n2p317


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