Building Parent-Teacher Partnerships as an Effective Means of Fostering Pupils’ Success


  • Lenida Lekli
  • Entela Kaloti


Nowadays teachers and other school personnel are aware of problem behaviors among students stemming from different reasons. Awareness of these problems in the classroom is a first step toward preventing disruptive attitudes which are likely to negatively affect classroom environment. Educators and researchers are trying to encourage parent-teacher partnership in the 9th grade educational system as an effective means of improving students’ academic success, as well as reducing behavioral problems. Teacher parent relationships can be the most critical component affecting student’s learning. Thus, it is most important to get to know the family and share the accomplishment and improvements of the student. Students’ learning improves when the teachers communicate with parents on a broad range of issues. Good communication is central to cooperation and support. So in recognition of the importance of parent cooperation and support of children’s education, educators are calling on schools to promote partnerships with parents aiming to improve their pupils’ progress. This paper aims to answer questions such as: How can schools’ directories increase parental participation? What can schools do to foster positive parental involvement? How much would parental participation help in reducing behavioral problems in the classroom? Therefore building a parent-teacher partnership would be a positive solution of decreasing behavioral attitudes of students in the classroom environment.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v4n1s1p101


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