The Role of Antonyms in Theoretical Mechanics


  • Gani Pllana
  • Sadete Pllana


Antonymy being an important feature of everyday life, is present everywhere and occupies a place in society. In terminologies of different fields of knowledge there is a presence of antonyms, depending on the terminology of the field being studied. Antonym words are used in a scientific-technical style. In each antonym pair antonym words usually either are or appear implicit, they also meet the requirement that technical-scientific terms need. By entering a systematic link with other words of the vocabulary, antonyms perform the role of expression or of naming a thing, of a phenomenon and process, and can often serve also as the terms of a specific field of scientific and technical terminology. Such are for example anode and cathode (in the terminology of physics), concave - convex (in optics, etc.). In the field of theoretical mechanics we also come across a number of antonym terms, which will be addressed in this paper.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p29


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