The Environmentally Conscious Consumption in Morocco: Myth or Reality


  • Dalal Tarfaoui
  • Salah Zkim


Morocco has adopted significant measures to enhance the social equity and people’s well-being. Large projects have been launched to reduce the issue of carbon emissions and preserve the environment from pollution and deterioration. Green consumption has also been considered as a major pillar of sustainable development, as it contributes to the safeguard of the environment through friendly behavior. This article examines the environmentally conscious consumption in Morocco through the Information Display Board (IDB) method. The research aims at finding whether green buying belongs to the Moroccan lifestyle given the appropriate conditions, or only a myth that has been brought up to complete the whole picture of Moroccan environmentalism. The IDB method allows the understanding of the way in which someone (the decision maker) gathers information and uses it in his/her decision process. Through the IDB method, a so-called realistic experimental situation has been created to track Moroccans’ purchase decisions regarding an eco-product versus a non-eco product. The present article has uncovered the lack of concern Moroccans have towards the environment, the products’ price is ultimately the deciding factor. The implications of the results of the environmentally conscious consumption in Morocco are discussed at the end of the paper.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p34


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