Sociology of Labour and Human Resource Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach


  • Nikova Donka
  • Aspridis George
  • Koffas Stefanos


Since Administrative Science approach the various aspects of management in a multidimensional fashion, they derive their scientific background from other sciences, such as mathematics, economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology. Taking into consideration the financial crisis afflicting modern societies, the proposal aims to offer modern operational techniques that regard the human factor as the driving force of the enterprise and thereby contribute significantly to the identification of core labour problems and of effective policies to address them. At the same time, it endeavours to contribute to the systematic study of human behaviour in the workplace. This paper aims to highlight the melding of these two disciplines in the context of the theory of systems, theory of decisions, organizational culture, job satisfaction and the evaluation and management of sensitive social groups. The proposal aims to fill a big gap, present in Greek and Bulgarian literature, concerning the linking of the fields of Human Resource Management and Sociology. This paper presents reflections that could develop modern labour relations and promote the link between sociology and human resource management. The proposal is based on the study of written evidence, using, on the one hand, the historical method to link human resource management with sociology and, on the other, the comparative method in order to highlight the similarities of labour structures. The motive to pursue this subject was both scientific and the authors’ personal interest. The conclusions of this paper are very important and any utilization will contribute to the improvement of labour and human relations in the globalized business environment.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p69


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